Student with BackpackGeneral education schools that serve children with hearing loss typically have no trained educator of the deaf on staff. CID workshops, in-services and consultation models are designed to help schools and teachers meet their specific needs.We also offer guided observations and distance learning opportunities for parents and professionals. Please contact Ellie White at CID to discuss your situation.

Facts and Resources for Educators

Increasing numbers of children with hearing loss are entering schools with hearing children, resulting in the need to educate more general education classroom teachers about childhood deafness. The “Did You Know?” series is designed to help introduce and orient Missouri public school educators to childhood deafness and communication and educational issues relevant to children who use hearing aids and cochlear implants.

At the request of the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, these documents were jointly prepared by CID, SJID, Moog Center, MSD, Washington University and MSU:

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