CID Parents“Forest is counting, he knows his colors, his days of the week. Starting three years ago with no speech at all, he’s now going to kindergarten essentially on schedule as a five-year-old….I never would have thought this was possible, and certainly it would not be possible, without CID.”CID Family

“We were so afraid for David to leave CID. Now I’m just amazed at how well they prepared him for second grade in his new school. “At first, he had to adjust to more noise and more kids, but now he has found friends and is doing really well. He just received his first report card and his grades are great. We’re very happy.”


“Last year, my daughter entered a solo choir contest at her junior high school and won first place singing ‘Tomorrow.’ I have not had tears like that since she graduated from CID.”

“CID gave us confidence at a very scary time. The teachers were wonderful. They gave Charlie a lot of individual attention and taught him how to talk, which I thought would never happen.”

“Everybody’s amazing at CID and the programs are outstanding. It’s like we have a whole new family, an entire network of people who care about Lillian and want to see her take off and learn as much as we do!” LILLY’S STORY Watch the video.

“We toured programs all over the Midwest, but the moment we walked in the door at CID we knew we were in the right place. The acoustically designed classrooms, the quality of the teaching staff and the care they showed the kids were unsurpassed.”

“Trey’s talking, and he knows his colors and numbers. Tanner’s saying the alphabet. They’re both singing songs. The teachers are very helpful. We’re grateful for the CID preschool-kindergarten program.”

“Elijah loves school. Every day he comes home with something new he learned. He is talking like we hoped, and this is because of the expertise of the educators at CID.”

“My preschooler can count into the 40s, is beginning to recognize simple words and rhymes, can write his name. … He is beginning to advocate for himself when he can’t hear or doesn’t understand.”

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“I have always felt our son’s success in life and work is due to his education at CID — the best decision we ever made.”

“There is no doubt in my mind that CID is/has been the best thing to ever happen to us. … I feel completely confident that my son will do well and that we will not be alone thanks to CID!”

“We’re not satisfied, we’re thrilled with our child’s progress!”

“The CID teachers have done great things for Allison….We have a different outlook on life and it’s a positive one.”