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Parents are a child’s first and best teachers and are vital members of the educational team.

Parent Support

Joanne Parrish Knight Family Center: Parents of children age birth to 3 participate in weekly individual education sessions, usually in a family’s home, with a parent educator from the CID Joanne Parrish Knight Family Center. When a child turns 2, a family may choose to send him or her to the nursery class at CID. Each week, the nursery class teachers host a Family Day, encouraging caregivers and siblings to visit and participate in classroom activities. The teachers encourage practice and carry-over of language and learning to the children’s natural environment at home. Parents can meet any time with the department coordinator to discuss concerns they may have.

Family Center families also have an opportunity to meet with other parents and professionals on a variety of topics related to their child’s development and hearing impairment. These topics may include behavior, toileting issues, feelings, the wearing of devices, the causes of childhood deafness and what the future may hold in store for their child.

Pre-K/Kindergarten: In the CID pre-k/kindergarten, families have an opportunity to meet monthly with their child’s teacher. These sessions are designed to give parents and family members information about their child’s progress. The teacher also provides activities for encouraging speech and language development at home and ideas for age-appropriate activities to build motor, thinking, social and early literacy skills.

Parents are also welcome to meet with the department coordinator and with CID’s counselor, who is profoundly deaf herself, to discuss special family situations or problems with which they may need help.

Primary: The CID primary school has an open door policy. Parents are welcome to observe in classrooms any time as long as they schedule it in advance with the department coordinator. Parents are invited to attend two conferences a year – one in the fall and one in spring. During these conferences, the child’s progress is reviewed and goals are set.  In addition to these conferences, parents are encouraged to communicate with the classroom teachers as necessary via e-mail and telephone. Another good way to communicate is through the child’s communication log that travels from school to home daily. The school counselor is also available to meet with parents during her daily office hours 2:30-3 p.m.

Parents are always welcome at monthly speech shows put on by the children as well as at other special performances and CID Open House. Hearing from the Heart offers dinner and play for the kids while the parents meet.

CID Parent Organization: The CID Parent Organization provides opportunities for parents of CID school children from birth to 12 years to support one another and connect with the CID faculty and staff. Parent organization initiatives include family socials, family outreach and support, staff appreciation events, educational sessions on a variety of relevant issues planned in conjunction with the CID Professional Staff Organization and fundraising efforts to support CID.


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