Preparing for the Mainstream

Typically, CID alumni attend mainstream schools in their communities and graduate from high school. Many CID school graduates pursue higher education and professional careers.

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Preparing for the Mainstream

CID students may spend their last year or two at CID attending half-days at a local preschool or elementary school. For St. Louis area children, this placement occurs in the school they will attend. CID staff and the CID school counselor work with the child, parents and the receiving school to smooth the child’s adjustment and to maximize success. Our goal is a positive educational experience after graduation.

Educational staff at CID help students prepare to work with hearing children in mainstream educational placements. In the “Ready, Set, Go!” program, parents and staff meet monthly to discuss issues related to mainstream placement. Panel discussions with older deaf children and parents who have children with hearing loss in mainstream schools are part of this program.

CID teachers and audiologists also communicate regularly with the students’ receiving schools. Often, they visit schools and provide education and training for teachers and classmates. They may help the family select a school. A cooperative effort results in development of the student’s transition IEP (Individual Educational Plan).

In addition to making presentations to schools, community organizations and other teachers of the deaf, speech-language therapists and audiologists at professional meetings, CID staff offer expert consultation and training for public schools and for schools developing listening and spoken language education programs for children who are deaf and hard of hearing. They also offer continuing education workshops and professional presentations in deaf education topics for teachers and other professionals working in the field of speech and hearing. To learn more, please visit