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Several times a year, CID students have opportunities to shine as they sing, dance and perform skits in front of appreciative audiences of staff, family members and friends. These group activities are a lot of fun and help the children gain confidence.

Special Activities

CID school children have the benefit of all of the non-academic subjects taught in regular schools plus field trips and special learning programs that vary from year to year.


Creativity and self-expression are important to a CID education. Children learn the principles of design, discover the elements of mosaic making, explore clay processes and develop visual ideas reflective of cultural themes. Instruction is provided twice a week on a rotating basis by an art teacher, with CID alumni guest artists sometimes visiting for a project. The youngest children have art in the pre-k discovery room. Children 6 and older have art in a specially designed art room.


Children in CID’s nursery and pre-k classes experience music every day, listening, responding and dancing to music, experimenting with instruments and singing a variety of songs. Attention to beat, rhythm and rhyming with music helps them as they develop speech and language skills. Children in the CID primary school receive formal music education once a week. The focus is on listening and on developing an appreciation for all types of music.

Physical Education

Two- to 5-year-old children in our nursery classes and pre-k department take part in lessons emphasizing body coordination and creative movement. Children 5 to 12 have physical education class daily using a curriculum designed for K-5. Activities in our regulation-size gym and outside include developmentally appropriate motor activities, physical games, learning a variety of sports and attention to sportsmanship.


CID has a large screen interactive SMARTBoard in every classroom, along with a teacher who knows how to use it as a tool to help children learn. In our classrooms and in our computer technology center, computer instruction is provided for children 3 and older. Students learn to write and draw on the computer, seek information on the internet, send e-mail, write reports and more. Older students use the computers for class assignments or educational projects with the teachers of their other subjects. Children 3 to 5 years old also have regular access to computer games and educational software.



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Other Activities

Recent CID pre-k field trip destinations have included the Butterfly House, Grant’s Farm, a pumpkin farm, the Museum of Transportation and a performance of “Sesame Street Live.” Special activities have included a yearly “Simple Sensational Science Fair” and a schoolwide literacy fair and circus show.

Primary school activities include monthly speech shows, a science fair, student musical performances and mock trips to foreign countries the children have studied. A variety of special guests visit to give performances and provide instruction, for example in art, tennis, photography and dance.

Each year, the students participate in the Spirit of St. Louis Marathon’s Read, Right and Run fitness program. Recent destinations for their field trips have included a St. Louis Symphony children’s performance, the World Bird Sanctuary, the St. Louis Zoo and a St. Louis Cardinals baseball game.