Pre-K Kids

Children with typical hearing and children who are deaf and hard of hearing learn side-by-side in the CID pre-k/kindergarten.

The Peer Program

Reasonable Cost  – Exceptional Value

CID’s fully accredited, full-day preschool-kindergarten program is open to a limited number of typically developing 3- and 4-year-olds with typical hearing. The program offers:

  • A strong, language-based curriculum: Competent language skills are the strongest predictor of future reading ability and academic success.
  • A whole child curriculum: Children with typical hearing participate alongside children who are deaf and hard of hearing in a dynamic interactive program that features the best of mainstream preschool education while focusing on early childhood development.
  • An exceptional student : teacher ratio: CID pre-k/kindergarten classes take place in a blended setting (typical hearing + hearing impaired) with better than a 5:1 student to teacher ratio. This ensures ample individualized attention for each and every child.
  • Master teachers: Our teachers are highly trained and experienced in early childhood development, teaching through play and helping children develop listening, language, speech, pre-reading, pre-academic and social skills.
  • Warm, child-friendly, language-rich environment: Our teachers bring energy, enthusiasm, warmth and understanding into our colorful space designed specifically to meet the needs of preschoolers and their families.The daily schedule includes circle time, music, creative movement, art, children’s literature and small group exploratory learning.