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Barbara Lanfer, MAEd, CED

Welcome to the CID Primary School

One question I’m often asked by parents of mainstreamed students who didn’t attend CID is: “My child has made it through preschool and even first grade. Why is he struggling now?” Most often, this happens as academic subjects become more difficult and the gap between students with typical hearing and students with hearing loss becomes more evident. If you are a parent of a deaf or hard of hearing 5- to 12-year-old* working beneath his or her potential in a mainstream educational setting, you’re not alone.

Just having a cochlear implant and being in class with students who are speaking will not magically teach a deaf child to speak well, read or do math. In the CID primary school, we group students by ability to maximize each child’s progress in every subject and to help each student prepare for work in a mainstream educational setting. Our creative and talented teachers are specially trained with many years of experience helping deaf and hard of hearing children learn to listen, talk and develop language, reading and academic skills.

CID uses the same academic curriculum used in mainstream schools throughout the U.S. We offer a diverse and challenging educational program emphasizing a hands-on approach to learning. Included in our curriculum are classes in art, gym, music, computer and social skills. Our goal is to educate the whole child.

Parents are an integral part of our team. Families move to St. Louis so their children can attend, and we do not take this commitment lightly. Wherever you live, if your child needs help and is searching for answers, please call me today or use the GET STARTED! link and we will call you. We offer overnight accommodations for families visiting from other locations.

I look forward to meeting you and your child.

Barbara Lanfer SignatureBarb Lanfer,
Co-Principal and Coordinating Teacher
*Children older than 12 may benefit from our after school tutoring program for deaf and
language-delayed students.