Cute little baby faceAn early start is important to helping your child learn to listen and talk.If you have received a diagnosis or think your child may have a hearing loss, contact the CID Family Center in St. Louis, Missouri. We’re here to help. Call us at 314.977.0175 or submit some basic information and…Get Started!

Has your baby been diagnosed with a hearing impairment?

Now is the time to act.

From the very beginning, long before they learn how to talk, babies learn language by hearing it. Children with hearing loss can benefit from hearing aids starting as early as 2 or 3 months of age.

Most hearing-impaired children can learn to listen, talk and participate, both socially and academically, alongside their hearing peers in school and in life. Getting the right help as soon as possible will make an enormous difference in your child’s success and the kinds of services that will be needed later on.

So if your child has been diagnosed or if you suspect he or she has a hearing loss, don’t wait. Get started right now by contacting the CID Family Center directly. Call us for information about our program and programs closer to you. Our toll-free number is 877.444.4574 ext. 175.

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AND REMEMBER: If the hospital referred your baby for further testing, it means there MAY or MAY NOT be a problem. Don’t delay.

Arrange to have a second test done right away!

Baby with a hearing aidBabies can get hearing aids whenthey are 2 or 3 months old.

Learn about IDEA Part C.