CID Green BabyCID’s Joanne Parrish Knight Family Center provides the right help at a crucial time for babies and their families.


Family Center

Joanne Parrish Knight Family Center

In 1958, CID pioneered a homelike program providing counseling and education for parents and specialized education for their hearing-impaired babies and toddlers. CID’s program became a model for many similar parent-infant education programs throughout the world. It has evolved into today’s Joanne Parrish Knight Family Center – a flexible program meeting the needs of families and their children from birth through age 3.

In the CID Family Center, our teacher counselors work with parents on beginning hearing aid and cochlear implant use and difficult emotional issues. We show the parents ways to help their babies at home. At age 2, the children attend morning nursery classes, where they receive small-group and individualized instruction to help them begin to acquire listening, speech, language and social skills. Parents are encouraged and welcome at any time to observe their children in class through one-way observation windows.

Educational talks, family support meetings and networking opportunities with other families are important pieces of the puzzle for parents, siblings, children and other family members. So is professional help with difficult and important decisions, such as whether or not to obtain a cochlear implant for a child. CID also offers comprehensive audiologic evaluations. From birth to age 3, hearing testing, hearing aid fitting and cochlear implant evaluation and/or programming are important. In addition, we assess each child at age 3 to obtain an indication of how successful he or she is likely to be at learning to talk.

CID’s Family Center and pediatric audiology services are designed specifically to accommodate the needs and busy schedules of today’s families. We offer home visits and Saturday and weekday evening parent counseling sessions.  The Joanne Parrish Knight Family Center staff is there for moms, dads, grandparents and child care providers — to educate and support.

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