Tom RollinsTom Rollins’ work covers the spectrum from portraiture to fine art, commercial, environmental and abstract photography. His images have been displayed in galleries, museums and private shows and printed in magazines, books and corporate and charitable brochures. Rollins has covered all seven continents working for the travel and maritime industries. He is the staff photographer for the World Bird Sanctuary. Visit his website.Rollins spent several semesters sharing his craft with CID students. His introduction to the CID children led to the desire to tell the story of their journey. He donated hundreds of hours in the completion of CID: A Journey.

Michael Kilfoy is the owner/creative director of Studio X in the Maplewood, Missouri. His book of photography, St. Louis Seen and Unseen, received an Independent Publishers award for the best regional non-fiction book in the Midwest.

Kim Readmond is CID’s director of communications.

CID: A Journey
Photography by Tom Rollins

photo book featuring CID school children

Designed by Michael Kilfoy
Co-written by Kim Readmond and Michael Kilfoy

“Dr. Goldstein’s belief that deaf children could learn how to talk without the need for sign language led him to establish a school in rooms over his medical office. The journey he started has helped transform the lives of thousands of children and families at Central Institute for the Deaf.
“It is a story that continues to be written and one that always inspires.”

– from Bob Clark’s introduction to CID: A Journey


How do you teach a deaf child to talk? World-class photographer Tom Rollins takes you through the doors of a unique St. Louis school to witness a special brand of commitment, sacrifice, hard work, expertise and success. His photographs provide a loving portrait of children and families whose lives are transformed at CID – Central Institute for the Deaf.

CID is a school where children who are deaf and hard of hearing learn to succeed alongside hearing classmates in their local schools. If you have ever passed by CID on the Highway 40 corridor on your way through St. Louis, here’s your chance to catch a glimpse of what goes on inside.


Proceeds benefit the school children at CID.